Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twenty Bucks Richer

I have already told this story many times, but I just love it, so I decided to add it to the cyberspace archives by blogging about it. Because apparently that is how I document my life nowadays, which is pretty sad for several reasons. Moving on.

On Saturday I went on a little adventure with my friend Gavin, my canyoneering guide. We hiked to the top of Rocky Mouth Falls, just south of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy, and then rappelled down the waterfall. It was so much fun, and such a beautiful hike! The rappel had to be done in two parts. We went down to a small, shallow pool about a third of the way down the falls, and set up the rope again for the second part. While I was waiting, I looked down at the rock I was standing on, and there was a $20 bill laying by my feet! Seriously, I found $20 in the middle of a waterfall.

Now, I acknowledge the possibility that it was mine and fell out of my pocket. But I don't think I've been to the ATM since I moved out to Utah 2 months ago. So if it did fall out of my pocket, I don't know when or how it into those shorts. Either way, I walked away from that rappel richer than when I started.

So I bought myself a delicious Cafe Rio lunch. And a cheap movie ticket. And lunch again today. And I still have $5 left.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Day Off

I started my rotation at Nebo School District on Monday...sort of. I was told in my email from the foodservice director that he had a morning meeting, and so I should come at one instead of in the morning. When I arrived on Monday afternoon, I found out that he was sick, and really not doing well. They didn't think there was anything for me to do, so I was told I could just go home, and that I didn't need to come in the next day either. And I don't have to be at the office until 2 on Wednesday. So after arriving in Spanish Fork at 1, I was back in my apartment before 2, with 48 hours until I needed to be at work again. So what have I been doing? Researching, watching online lectures, taking quizzes, and really getting a hard start on things for this rotation.

Yeah, I wouldn't believe that about me either. I have spent the last two days watching tv, surfing the internet (including bloggin), shopping at Ikea, and working out at the gym. I did look over my schedule for the next month and the assignments I have to complete for this rotation. And I even read a few pages about menu forecasting while I ran on the eliptical. So I didn't completely waste my time. But mostly, yeah, it was wasted.