Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And then there were three...

Weeks that is.

Three weeks until I am done and gone. Out of Utah. By April 1st. Or at least out of my apartment. The details are still a little fuzzy, like the thoughts in my mom's head. But she is getting better, and starting to make her plans.

I really can't wait.

Not that I haven't enjoyed my time in Utah, but I can say with absolute positivity that I don't want to be in Utah, doing basically the same thing that I am doing now (except getting paid to do it) a year from now. I at least need to do the same old thing in a new location.

Of course a lot of the anticipation for the end of the month is because I will then be done with my internship, done with my assignments (dare I dream?) and be able to take a deep, carefree breath of freedom. Until then I don't have much time for breathing, let alone blog-writing. But I excel at procrastination with good intentions (like getting back to work the second this post is done).

So there will be no trouble filling my time for the next three weeks. I have been wondering how I will fill my time once I am in Washington. Did I mention I was moving to Washington? Back with the folks...are my parents old enough to be called "folks"? My dad always referred to my mother's parents as "the folks." They were always old. At least in my lifetime.

Right, filling my time after the move. I always just figured I would find a job. That's what you do when you are done with all your education and training, right? But sometimes I worry that I too often make choices because "that is what you do." Well, okay, maybe not that many of my choices have been like that. But it is something I fear. I really don't want to look back on my life and realize that I missed some great opportunities and experiences because the thought never occurred to me to take a different path than the obvious. Or because I was afraid. Fear is one of my weaknesses. I really don't like to be uncomfortable.

So my thoughts have been swimming around my head, never having a chance to settle because fireside speakers, sisters, or webinars get me to thinking..."What do I want to do with my life?" Maybe I never thought about this enough because I always assumed I would just pass the time until I got married and had a family. Lame, I know. My time has been well spent for the most part- getting a degree, completing an internship. But now, for the first time, really, my life is completely open. Other than the few thousand dollars I owe my parents, I have no obligations.

And I have always wanted to travel. Badly. So now, instead of finding a job right away, I am very seriously considering finding an international volunteer opportunity, at least for a little while. Maybe the summer? Even the practical side of me thinks this is a good idea (except for being flat broke), because it would look good on a resume and a grad school application, and it would help me know if I want to pursue a career in international health and nutrition. And maybe by the time I get back the job-market will be a little more exciting. Maybe not, but at least I will have sweet memories to bring comfort through the horror that is looking for a job.

So where should I go? I have found programs that send people to Peru, Argentina, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Kenya, Uganda...and many other places. I don't think it even matters. I would be happy to go anywhere.

Anyway, I think I am going to make a trip to Best Buy, and use some more money of my gift card. Don't worry. I will come straight home afterward and get right back to work!