Friday, December 26, 2008


My time at BYU is about to end. I graduate in April. I'm really not mature enough to be a college graduate, but life waits for no one. I will be graduating in Dietetics, which means I am well on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD). The big thing that stands in my way is an internship. It isn't that I'm not incredibly excited to do an internship and finally practice everything that has been drilled into me for the last 4 years, but I have never been good at making big life decisions. I actually kind of suck at it. I spent months researching and praying about what to major in, terrified of making the wrong choice, as if I couldn't change it anytime I wanted.

And yet, somehow, I stumbled my way through making the decision enough to request recommendations from my professors. The current decision is as follows:

1. UC San Francisco

2. Bay Pines VA Medical Center

3. Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital (in Chicago)

4. Utah State University

UC San Francisco is definitely my first choice. They offer a stipend ($1300/month) and healthcare. Plus, I could live at home, seriously cutting down on expenses. However, I think I would be happy with any of the options. Bay Pines is in Florida, and is right on the coast. So great weather, and a stipend (all VA hospitals offer stipends). Chicago would be cool. I have never been there. USU would allow me to stay in Provo for my internship.

The problem is that my first three choices are really competitive. Any internship that offers a stipend is going to be competitive. I think that with UCSF and Bay Pines, the fact that I come from BYU will be in my favor. They have had BYU graduates in the past and have really liked them. Thank goodness for impressive former students reflecting well on the BYU dietetics program.

Applications are due mid-February. I'll hear back in April. What a long month and a half that will be.

Wish me luck.


Jana said...

That is SO exciting - congratulations! They all sound so fun! I think I would pick Chicago though. I've only been there once, but that city is seriously so awesome. Good luck choosing!

Ashley said...

Ohhh, that is a hard decision! I'm sure you'll get into all of them =] GOod luck with that!

JulieD said...

I'm glad you posted pictures of them :) That will greatly influence my opinion about the matter :) Do they all start at the same time?

mz.swimprincess said...

i think it will be a trend in our lives that we never really feel mature enough for what life is throwing at us. But we always seem to get through it somehow (with more than a little help from above). I am so confident you will be great in whatever internship position you choose. a new chapter in your book is about to unfold, how exciting!

Katie said...

Oh wow. You will do great! And good luck on the decision! I can't wait to hear where you will end up. We should go on another trip before we both graduate and "grow up."