Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

"Sixteen minutes...this is the last chance to get it right...may I have this dance...we want it all...the boys are back...we're all in this together...high school musical"

Some random lyrics that I remember from seeing High School Musical 3 on Saturday. Yes, I contributed to the grossing opening weekend income of the movie. Here are some highlights from the movie:

Opening scene- high school basketball game, the Wildcats are struggling to win the game. The crowd is cheering. In one moment, Vanessa Hudgens, aka Gabriela, rises out of the crowd, singing no less, and tells Zac Efron, aka Troy, that he can do it because she believes in him. His response: That's all I need, make me strong

Of the main characters, 2 received Juliard scholarships, one received early acceptance to Stanford, one was accepted to Yale (with honors, or something like that), and another was accepted to UC Berkeley.

The closing song was called "High School Musical"

A girl gave her boyfriend the cold shoulder because he assumed she would go with him to Senior Prom. To make up for this, he brought her flowers and asked her in front of the whole lunch room. All the other students thought this was really cute...Apparently I was way off by expecting to go to my boyfriend's senior prom. I could have gotten a lot more out of that deal.

A kid drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Palo Alto, California, and back again, in a run-down truck that had a history of breaking down and smoking across town.

Sharpay was humbled for the third time in this movie, and the audience was made to believe that she turned over a new leaf, but none of us believe it because in all three movies, her character was exactly the same.

Well, that's all today folks. Go see High School Musical 3 if you want some nice closure to the Troy and Gabriela love affair. If not, well, you may have better self esteem for not witnessing two attractive, stylish, and ridiculously talented teenagers have their happy ending.

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JulieD said...

silly happy endings. Of course there's a happy ending - it's Disney. But in reality, what do we have to say to something like that? Well, if only life were a musical...