Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Update

Not too much to say, because my life is pretty uneventful. Still not job...but my sister employs me a few times a week to watch the kids. My parents have given me a few projects around the house.

During the weekday evenings I keep myself busy with shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Wipeout.

Like I said, uneventful.

I completed my orientation for my internship a little over a week ago. It was wholly intimidating on the first day, being introduced to the many assignments I must complete during my rotations. I gained confidence as the week went on, but I find that confidence is waning as I sit at home with no job and little responsibility.

I have been keeping busy with church stuff. I have two callings: Sunday School teacher and Activities Committee co-chair.

I spent the afternoon in San Francisco yesterday pulling weeds for a YSA service activity. It was an absolutely gorgeous day: clear skies, nice breeze...a day you don't often see in San Francisco. We were pulling an invasive species of grass out of a hillside on Inspiration Point in the Golden Gate National Park. Unfortunately the area had a bit of Poison Oak growing in it. And I got into a groove and stopped paying attention to anything but the grass I was pulling. At one point Shelly, the park employee, told me to watch out because there was poison oak near me. I looked around and realized there was poison oak all around me...and I had been working in that area for nearly 15 minutes. We were provided with poison oak wash after we were done, but I'm pretty sure a lovely rash will be appearing in the next few days. In fact I already have a red spot on my cheek that is about the size of a nickel. Fantastic. I don't think I have ever had poison oak, but I am hoping the experience will be worth the rash I am about to get.

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Celeste said...

Awww...poor thing. It sounds like a pretty eventful activity to me. Poison oak is always eventful. Just remember don't scratch. I hope your next week is more eventful (just try to leave out the poison oak this time);)