Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy November!

Reasons why November is a great month:
  1. Thanksgiving: Who doesn't love homemade rolls with real butter, yams with so much brown sugar and marshmallows it is almost criminal, cranberry and walnut sauce over perfectly roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes with gravy made from real turkey drippings (not from a can or packet), Martinelli's, and various delectable pies. (Disclaimer: I have never attended a Thanksgiving dinner that was as ridiculously coordinated as the one pictured at the right. There are no Martha Stewarts in my family.)
  2. Snow, if you live somewhere where it snows. During November, snow is new again. The full impact of a dreary and monochromatic winter hasn't hit yet. It still exciting to see a veritable winter wonderland out the window while you are wrapped in a blanket drinking hot chocolate.
  3. There is still two months left to get Christmas shopping done!
  4. Pretty much the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations and lights go up.
  5. Trees still have some of their beautiful red and yellow leaves. The ones that have fallen color the ground. Plus, we can walk on the leaves and hear them crunch.
  6. You can start wearing your winter clothes, which you haven't worn in 8 months, so it is like having a new wardrobe!
  7. Last, but absolutely not least, in the month of November, we celebrate the birth of my sister Donna, my nephew Jacob, and, of course, ME. That is right, happy birthday to me, this month. This year, my birthday is the day before Thanksgiving. Next year, my birthday will be on Thanksgiving! So, in thinking about all the things you are thankful for, don't forget about ME! (I really hope that is the most shamefully self-promoting statement I ever make on this blog)

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JulieD said...

Agreed! With everything! Even the shameless self-promoting :)