Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Viva La Vida

Coldplay-a band of exquisite talent and musical genius. My favorite band.

Viva La Vida- their most recent album, and the name of their current tour

November 22nd, 2008- the day Coldplay performed in the Energy Solutions Arena, at Salt Lake City

My Birthday Present- going to the Coldplay concert!

Emily and Janneke-
my companions to this amazing display of musical ability

Awesome, epic, incredible, amazing, mind-blowing, super cool, so good- word I have used to describe this concert

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. It is hard to get a good from the third row from the back, in a dark arena. Technically I wasn't even allowed to take a camera in, but I was only one of the thousand who snuck it in. I definitely wasn't allowed to take any videos, so I certainly wouldn't be publishing any on the internet if I had...

Thanks Mom and Dad! And thanks to Janneke's friend who decided she shouldn't spend the money and sold me her ticket.


JulieD said...

That's all.

Jana said...

Hi Katy, thanks for the sweet comment! You can be homesick of In N' Out while I am EXTREMELY jealous of you for going to this concert. You definitely win for cooler life right now.

mz.swimprincess said...

yay for for super awesome birthday presents! you know i've never really been that into to coldplay but since i respect your musical tastes (no cd i have burned from you has led me astray thus far) i think i will give them another shot. happy birthday again! and your card and present are now officially late lol.

Grandpa Don said...

Hey, I'm just glad I could help you have a special day. I still talk about my first concert when I saw the Rolling Stones in a small auditorium in Bakersfield way back in 1966. We had great seats--about the 10th row! (Yes, they did have electric guitars back then!)