Friday, July 17, 2009

Wish List

Warning: This post is materialistic in nature.

Having been a poor college student for the last 4 years, and now a graduate with no paycheck in sight, I find myself saying, too often, "Someday..." This is usually in reference to things I would like to buy. To give you an idea of how distant "someday" actually is, my current dream and ambition is to just have the ability to save money, to set aside a little each month and watch the amount grow in the hopes of one day having enough to buy something. Here is a list of what I dream of saving for:

1. A bike
2. Some kind of hybrid car, though I would be happy with basically any kind of car
3. An iMac
4. Good kitchenware, specifically a few good knives and saucepans
5. A newer and nicer camera
6. An account with Charles Schwab

That is basically it. Not too long, right? And not very unreasonable.

But as long as I am being worldly, I am going to throw a backpacking trip across Europe on my wish list.


JulieD said...

hahaha...nice wish list. I concur on most items on that list. Wishin' I was saving more right now, at least now that I'm getting steady paychecks.

Katie said...

I like your wish list, especially since you put something really fun on there like backpacking in Europe. Good luck!

Lovetta said...

That's a good list. Mine is similar. I keep thinking how much more money I would have if I didn't have to pay for housing. Alas...

SUZY "LA JEFA" said...


We checked out your blog but didn't see any new posts. Jacob wanted to email but we decided to do this instead. Post some of your summer pictures when you have a chance and we will do the same (on our blog).

Some thoughts from the boys:
Ryan "I can't think of anything to say to you. I love you."
Jacob "Your nerves are crazier than your piano"