Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Insert Captivating Title*

I am sitting in the Orem WIC clinic, on my lunch break, trying to find time to fill this hour. "How about a blog update?" I said to myself. So here I am.

I started my internship last Monday, so tomorrow will mark the end of my second week. So far it is going fantastically, except for the random moments of panic when I think that it is only two weeks down, and a LOT of papers, training, awkward counseling and presentations, case studies, emails, and general confusion to go before I can take the RD exam, find a job, and end this madness. But really, I am enjoying it. There is a lot of down time at the WIC clinic, so I find plenty of time to do some research and work on various assignments. Which is nice. It has allowed me to take time when I get home to settle into my new place. Tuesday marked the day that I was officialy settled, as I put together the IKEA nightstand that I had stained and placed it next to my bed that evening.

Some things that I have noticed over the past two weeks:

Mountain Dew is quite the popular beverage among the working LDS woman. Both WIC clinics that I have been at have had 12-packs in various flavors available to the staff. Just donate a quarter and take a soda. Good thing Mountain Dew isn't a strong temptation for me.

There are way too many cute kids and babies out there. One of my favorite things to do here is sit in on the certification of a newborn or a midcert of a 5-8 month old and smile at the babies.

I had a dream the other night that I was a new mother. I was determined to breastfeed my baby, but was struggling because I had to be away from the baby too often for some weird dream-world reason or another. No I wouldn't think anything of it, because I have read and heard a lot about breastfeeding in the last two weeks, but this is the second dream in the last 6 months that I have had where I was a mother struggling to breastfeed. What does that mean?

The previous owners of the condo I am living in clearly didn't vacuum, like, at all, because the first time I vacuumed my room, I had to empty the canister 5 or 6 times. I guess the carpet is pretty new, because mostly what I was getting was a whole lot of fluff. I think my new pet peeve to replace hairballs on the couch (we have a leather couch!) will be fluff-balls on the floor.

I thought I had made more observations that that. Oh well.


Jeff said...

How about this for a title:

The Katy Chronicles:
~Internship Saga~

Ch.(*insert number here*): Caffeinated Fluff-balls.


Ch.(*again insert number*): Lunch Break Blogging.

Dakin said...

Gotta love free milk, eggs, and cheese.